Chase Carter Fucks Morgan Manson Bareback

black bareback porn - Chase Carter fucks Morgan Manson at Rawrods

RawRods Blog is back and we have a lot of catching up to do, with all the hot black bareback porn Raw Rods has been dishing out. So, we are going to take it back a couple of months and add quite a few updates to the blog, over the next 2 weeks. We kick things off with sexy-ass Chase Carter and Morgan Manson getting it in hard and raw, Raw Rods style. Morgan is busy yapping on the phone and Chase has ass on his mind, so he grabs the phone and hangs it up, replacing it with his dick.

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Nut Dripping Black Bareback Porn 3Way

rawrods black bareback porn 3way fuck action

Black gay porn stars, Manny Baby and Jay Sean fka Hotboi, show black bareback porn newbie, Tygax, how the pros get down, in this Raw Rods video. They get naked and right down to the business of sucking dick – everyone of them getting some dick down his throat. After some thirsty dick sucking, it’s time for Manny and Jay to lay some pipe and fuck sexy Tygax ashhole bareback. Manny hits that ass raw, then Jay gets his turn for a quick minute, before Manny slide back in raw. The sight of Manny’s fat ass bouncing up and down as he fucks Tygax is too much for Jay, he pushes his dick all up in Manny’s booty and starts fucking him, as he fucks Tygax – hot shit. Manny and Jay are determined to show Tygax how true black gay porn freaks get down, but he is certainly up for the challenge. He rides Jay Sean’s raw black dick, which gives us some hot as fuck close-ups. Then they go back and forth fucking Tygax until his asshole is dripping and oozing nut – check out the moment when Jay sticks that dick back in that creamy hole and makes Tygax bust a huge nut!

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Big Dick Black Bareback Ass Cream

big dick black bareback porn star Romeo makes Kream's booty all wet and creamy

Put a big dick black gay freak, Romeo Storm and a dude with an insatiable booty-hole(Kream Jackson) together and what do you get? Some real nasty black bareback porn, courtesy of Raw Rods. OK, so the storyline is a bit crazy, but hey, it’s gay porn, the storylines are always out there. Romeo is outside the hotel smoking, when Kream comes up and asks for a light. Romeo asks him what he is gonna do for the light and Kream says take me to your room and I’ll show you. Actually, that’s probably how many of you get down. Next thing you know, it’s slurp, slurp time, as Kream swallows Romeo’s big dick and Romeo eats out that booty. If Kream is thirsty for some dick, then Romeo is just as thirsty for some ass. That ass gets fucked raw in all kinds of positions and you’ll understand why he is called Kream. That ass gets wet and creamy like a slut’s pussy, as Romeo dicks him down. At first I thought it was some creampie action going on, but it’s just Kream’s ass cream. Romeo busts a fat nut all over his mouth, making the big dick bottom cum.

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Black Gay Porn Big Dick Bareback Debut

big dick black gay porn bareback debut - KC Long fucks Jay Jaxon raw

In this blog update, big dick KC Long and Jay Jaxon make their black gay porn debut fucking bareback in this Raw Rods video. Unlike most others, they are not working their way from “mainstream” black gay porn into the bareback niche. No, they are diving head first into some nasty, raw, big black dick, deep-dicking, creampie and cum eating action. Jay even says he is doing it for fun, because it is hot and not for the money – now you know that’s a freak! KC is packing a big dick and Jay pays it a lot of attention, sucking on it like a lollipop. They are both in the mood to eat some ass and then KC slides that big raw black dick all up in Jay’s booty and the fucking begins. There are some great closeups of Jay riding that huge dick and taking it from the back, but you gotta see the end. As suspected, Jay is one big freak – his asshole gets totally flooded by JC and he plays with the nut oozing out of his swollen, stretched out, gaping booty-hole, then scoops up some of that nut and eats it.

black bareback gay porn - big dick raw fucking KC Long and Jay Jaxon

Black Bareback Porn Debut Big Dick KC Fucks Jay

big dick black gay porn bareback debut JC fuck Jay raw

I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of these two freaks. I can definitely see Jay getting dicked down by some of the other big dick dudes. Is your dick throbbing yet? You know what to do, head on over to Raw Rods for some more hot raw fucking and black bareback gay porn.

Black Gay Porn Stars Love Mikeal Race’s Booty

black gay porn star Mikeal Race fucked bareback at RawRods

The blog celebrates black gay porn star, Mikeal Race, one of the favorites at RawRods, who just had a birthday, so now he can legally drink, even though he has been legally getting fucked in black bareback porn for a minute. Here are two of his most recent videos at Raw Rods. In the first one, he gets fucked by Breakz, who is relatively new to the game, but gaining popularity as a raw top. The ass eating in this one is even better than the fucking, in my opinion. You can almost feel Mikeal’s asshole quivering, twitching and begging for dick. He certainly gets the dick – Breaks bangs him bareback, then busts all over his pretty lips. Next up his Romeo Storm, now established as one of the favorite big dick tops in the stable. He might be a lean, lil muthafucka, but he’s swinging some serious dick and knows how to use it. He chokes and fucks Mikeal, literally fucking the nut right out of him, before adding his own raw juice to the mix. Happy Birthday Mikeal!

black gay porn star Mikeal Race fucked bareback at Rawrods

Black Gay Porn Star Mikeal Race Fucked Bareback

Head on over to RawRods for more of Mikeal, big dicks, fat assess, insane ass eating, dick sucking, nut drinking and freaky amateurs and black gay porn stars fucking bareback.

Black Bareback Dream Fuck

big dick black bareback dreaming - Romeo Storm fucks Kannon

Romeo Storm returns to Raw Rods and in this video he is dreaming of bareback sex with Kannon. Romeo is watching porn(one of Kannon’s scenes) and like many of you have he starts to fantasize about Kannon. Dreams can so real and next thing you know booty bandit, Romeo Storm, has his face in Kannon’s ass, eating the fuck out of it. After some dick sucking and more ass eating, Romeo sinks his big raw dick deep inside Kannon’s ass. It’s on from here – the hot black bareback fucking begins. Kannon takes that big dick every which way, until Romeo fucks that nut right out of him, then adds his own cum to the mix.

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Ass Eating Big Dick Raw Fuck – Arquez & Valentino

big dick black ass eating raw fuck - Arquez and Valention at RawRods

Time for some ass eating, cum drinking, black bareback porn from Raw Rods, as Arquez and Valentino make their blog debut. What do y’all think about these two big dick freaks – don’t they kinda look like they are from the same tribe? Anyway, they get back to the crib from the movies and whateverthe fuck they watched turned them on, they are ready to fuck and make their own movie. Only theirs will be a nasty black bareback video, a nut eating, raw fucking, RawRods flick! Arquez eats the fuck out of Valentino’s ass, then digs his back out, but they also both pay attention to each other’s big hard dicks. When all that raw booty smashing send Valentino over the edge, he busts a fat nut and Arquez is right there to catch dat shit. Arquez ain’t far behind and you know Valentino just had to taste that milky nut! [ Watch Video-Pics-Read More » ]

Black Bareback Nut Eating Fuck

big dick black gay bareback nut eating porn from rawrods

Happy New Year you black bareback porn lovin muthafuckaz and blog regulars! RawRodsBlog is back with some more big dick black bareback booty smashing, nut eating action from Raw Rods. This video features 2 new faces, Breakz and Sex Tee fucking like they been sex starved for a minute. Sex Tee loves him some big dick and is thirsty for nut – luckily, Breakz is more than willing to fuck that azz bareback and bust a fat nut all over and in his mouth. As far as I’m concerned, this video is all about the dick riding, that’s when you get to see all those nasty close-ups as Sex Tee’s booty bouncing up and down on that raw dick. Breakz can lay some pipe too, almost had Sex Tee running from the dick, at one point.
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RawRods Black Bareback Dick Down: Kannon & Remy Mars

RawRods black bareback porn - Kannon fucks Remy Mars

Black gay porn star, Remy Mars, has been quite busy recently. He has been in demand at Raw Rods(and a couple other sites), satisfying black bareback porn fans with his big dick and insatiable booty. In this video, Remy and Kannon get right down to business and you can tell Kannon has probably dreamed of getting all up in that legendary ass, for a while. Remy sucks on Kannon’s dick, then gets that hole eaten, before Kannon starts to pipe him down raw. The bareback sex is on point, Kannon gets deep in Remy’s guys, fucking the shit out of him, pulling out just in time to nut, then shoving it all back in, to fuck the cum out of Remy. RawRods fans are a hard crowd to please(on the site and this blog), but this has been the highest rated video, in the last 6 weeks – thanks to Remy’s popularity and Kannon’s pipe layin skills. [ Watch Video-Pics-Read More » ]

Black Bareback Porn Stars Maseo & Hotrod

big dick black bareback porn stars fucking

Two big dick black gay porn stars, who have become quite popular on the black bareback porn scene (and this blog), Maseo and Hotrod, get together in this RawRods video. Maseo picks up Hotrod on the streets, coz he has been dying to check out that big dick and ass he has heard so much about. Of course, Hotrod is game and they are soon at Maseo’s crib, slurping on each other’s big black dicks. Maseo can’t wait to get all up inside Hotrod’s raw hole, he’s ready to lay some serious pipe. Hotrod might be a pro at giving and taking dick, but Maseo opens that hole up and makes him squeal as he slams that ass bareback. You can see the mixture of pain and pleasure on Hotrod’s face as he gets fucked down. This shit is hot as fuck and the two bust fat nuts at the end. [ Watch Video-Pics-Read More » ]

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